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in the hydrogen era.

Zero emissions.
Zero carbon costs.
100% future.

Launch your company’s
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Presenting evety.

is what drives us.

evety has the answers to the energy questions of the future with the energy source of the future: hydrogen – emission-free, economical, future-proof. Benefits that we harness for your company.

With comprehensive service encompassing everything from consultation and planning right through to project execution. With our capable network of experts for efficient processes and professional implementation. Launch your energy transformation now. With evety.

the energy of the future.

Why right now is the right time to rethink.

Germany’s climate targets are clear: to be greenhouse-gas-neutral by 2050. Our answer: perfect-fit individual hydrogen solutions. Because hydrogen offers many advantages for an emission-free future – including for your company.

Climate Action Plan

The Paris climate goal: to cap the rate of global warming at below 2°C. In 2016 the German government set a further target for 2030 in its Climate Action Plan: to reduce emissions from power supply, the economy, industry, transport, agriculture and forestry. It’s all possible – provided you have the right energy source: hydrogen.

The 2030
carbon costs.

The Climate Action Programme 2030 introduces a staggered increase in carbon costs. This will affect the transport and heating sectors from 2021 onwards. What this means is that companies must now start investing in new emission-free processes. This is the only way for us to take the next step forward into the future.

energy transformation. Now.

Zero emissions. Zero carbon costs. 100% future. We believe in new technologies and know how to use hydrogen effectively. So join us in ushering in an emission-free future.

The infinite
energy source.

Emission-free, storable, regenerative: hydrogen can be extracted from renewable energies and then stored and transported. With hydrogen, you are making a decision with foresight. Because no other energy source is more future-proof.

Our mission

We actively
shape your
energy transformation.

What evety offers you.

We understand.

evety knows the challenges of the future – and what your company demands from sustainable energy solutions. This forms the basis for our tailor-made future-proof hydrogen solutions, from which you stand to benefit.

We’re there to help.

From consulting to concept development and project implementation, we are your active partner. We monitor the progress of the project, overcome obstacles and jointly develop the solutions that will take your company that decisive step forward into the future.

We advise and develop.

evety can draw on the combined resources of its founders TÜV SÜD AG, OGE GmbH and Horváth & Partners plus the strengths of each individual employee.They link traditional consulting expertise with sound engineering mastery. Our strategic capabilities in project work ensures efficient processes.

We think ahead.

Our energy flows into the hydrogen solutions of tomorrow – and the day after tomorrow. Because with our research, we help to advance the latest developments and actively shape them.

Our partners

Team Future.

evety is backed not only by experienced employees but also by a strong network of experts from a wide range of fields. From engineers to consultants and strategy experts, we assemble the right team with the necessary capabilities and expertise to work with you on your energy transformation. We’re ready!

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